What size are quiet book pages ─ time-saving tips and tricks

When I first started out making quiet books back in 2014, I had little idea of what size quiet book pages are supposed to be. I would spend a lot of time measuring and cutting out fabric and materials to the exact size that I wanted. The process was long-winded, boring and completely inaccurate. The edges of my pages would never line up! But over time, I have discovered how to create the exact quiet book page sizes I need quickly and effectively.

In a nutshell, the size of a quiet book’s pages depends upon the age of the child. Young toddlers 11 months to 2 years old have tiny hands. Therefore smaller quiet book pages, around 5×5 or 6×6 inches are perfect for them. On the other hand, children aged 3 to 5 years are happiest with larger and more complex quiet book pages, measuring at least 8×8 inches. Take a look at this table to quickly determine the quiet book page size you will need for your project.

quiet book page sizes
Quiet book page sizes according to the age of the child

Quiet book templates ─ the fastest way to create accurately sized pages

Quiet book page size guide table for Pinterest
Pin this to your quiet book board for crucial reference!

Now that you know the basics behind determining the size of quiet book pages, let’s take a look at how you can create your pages quickly and accurately.

I have been creating quiet books for more than five years now. In hindsight, I wish someone had given me this one tip when I first started out. And that is to always use a template for creating accurately sized quite book pages.

What is a quiet book template?

Simply put, it is a piece of cardboard that acts like a guide to help you create repetitive shapes and patterns quickly and efficiently. Every quiet book construction has a tonne of repetition inside of it. This repetition includes cutting out identical sizes of quiet book fabric, fusible interfacing and polyester batting as a page filler. You cannot sit and measure each and every component every time before cutting it out. That will take forever!

Label your DIY quiet book template
Label your DIY quiet book template

So the best tool to help you save your time and sanity is to create a quiet book template. Now I have extensively talked about making and using quiet book templates in my earlier post on How to make quiet book pages stiff. You will find a lot of detailed photos in there about how to quickly create these templates, which will help you churn out correctly sized quiet book pages every single time.  

Using a template to create accurately sized quiet book pages

Now let me paint you a picture of how a quiet book template can affect your average day crafting a quiet book. If you have read my post about How to make quiet book pages stiff, you will already know how to create and use a template to create perfectly sized quiet book pages every time.

Now imagine that you have created two or three different sizes of quiet book templates already and they are sitting all nicely labelled inside your drawer or file. The next time you feel like making a quiet book for a favourite toddler, you don’t have to second guess yourself at all. The hard work is already done.

Marking the fusible interfacing using the quiet book template

You simply go to your shelf, pick up your file and take out the correct quiet book template for your project. You place your fusible interfacing in front of you, pick up your quiet book template and smoothly mark out the four sides of the square quickly and easily.

Then you move on to the next square. Within minutes, all the squares have been marked out on the back of your fusible interfacing.

Cutting fusible interfacing squares of the exact size as your quiet book pages

Now you put away your template because that is all the measuring you need to do. It’s now time to pull out your cutting mat and rotary cutter and slice along the drawn lines on the fusible interfacing. Already you have created perfect fusible interfacing squares of the exact size as your quiet book page.

Cut fusible interfacing using a rotary cutter
Cut quiet book interfacing using a rotary cutter

Once again, you did not do any measuring and there was no size confusion at all. You simply breezed through the motions like your brush your teeth every night. Your quiet book template simply acted like a faithful navigator, silently and efficiently guiding you in your creative journey.

Cutting accurately sized quiet book fabric

It’s easily sailing from here on as far as your quiet book pages go. Now you go to your fabric stash and pull out a stack of your favourite fabrics. You simply iron them out and fuse on the pre-cut fusible interfacing squares.

How to make quiet book pages stiff
A rotary cutter makes quick work of the job

Finally you trim away the extra fabric around the edges to reveal perfectly stiff, smooth quiet book pages of the exact size as you needed. Your pages are accurately sized and perfectly cut because the quiet book template made sure of it.

Creating the proper size of quiet book pages ─ some parting thoughts

Do you see the value this simple piece of cardboard can bring to your craft? The amount of precious time and energy it can save you in your quiet book construction is phenomenal. So if there is one thing you can do today to get started on your quiet book, do this: make a quiet book template.

Cut up old cereal boxes to create a quiet book template
Cut up old cereal boxes to create a quiet book template

Go to your recycle bin, pull out that old cereal box and cut it up. If you don’t eat cereal, no problem. Use the side of any old parcel box or a sheet of cardstock or even ordinary paper. It doesn’t matter what medium you use, as long as you have a point of reference, a template, to guide you to accurately size your quiet book pages.

And there you have it: the simplest and easiest way to first determine what size are quiet book pages. And then to create quiet book pages of that exact size quickly and efficiently.

I hope this has given you a game plan for moving ahead with your quiet book. If you are still unsure of what steps you need to take while making a quiet book, I have created a visual table for you. This will quickly give you a rough idea of how long it will take you to create your next quiet book.

Alternatively, you can check out this comprehensive post on how to make a quiet book. Inside it are lots of helpful links that will answer a number of your questions.  

Now go ahead, find that old cardboard box and start cutting. Happy crafting!

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