Quiet book patterns: to make or to buy a quiet book pattern?

Now that you have planned out your quiet book, it is time to get your hands on the final templates for each of its pages. You can do this in a number of different ways; read on to find out how.  

Making quiet book patterns by hand: a few simple tools and tricks

The most satisfying way to make a quiet book is to make the quiet book patterns yourself. The sheer joy of turning ideas into quiet book patterns on paper is enough to make this process worth its while. You don’t have to be an artist to do this. You can use reference images from Google to create basic shapes, for example the outline of an apple or the shape of a fish.

If you want the apple to be symmetrical, you can fold a paper in half and draw one half of the apple against the fold. Cut around the line and unfold a perfectly symmetrical apple! You can use this technique for any simple symmetrical shapes you need and it doesn’t cost you anything. If you make your patterns yourself, the final quiet book you make will be completely unique and unlike anything available on the internet. It really will be a quiet book that is one of a kind in every sense of the word!

Click on the first thumbnail below and click through the gallery to see how you can quickly and easily create a perfectly symmetrical quiet book pattern by hand.

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Using a computer to make quiet book patterns: stick to the basics

Use MS Word to create quiet book patterns for letters and numbers easily

The computer is a helpful aid when you are looking for templates that are beyond your drawing skills. It is also great to work with letters and numbers. You can use simple software like MS Word to write a single letter or number on a page and blow it up to huge proportions. You can then trace it directly off the screen, or print it out and cut it to use as a quiet book pattern.

Use MS Paint to create basic shapes yourself. Press the Shift key while dragging shapes to make symmetrical quiet book patterns.

You can also use MS Paint to create simple patterns, for example the curved-line tool to make shapes like the cloud and crescent in the image above. A number of simple shapes are built into the software. For example all the blue shapes above are already there in MS Paint for you to use. You can make perfectly symmetrical shapes for example a perfect circle or a perfect square by pressing down on the Shift button as you drag out the shape in MS Paint.

Inkscape is a great free software to create quiet book patterns

Finally if you are looking forward to a crisper and more ambitious quiet book project, Inkscape is a great free software that you can download and use to create simple as well as complicated shapes. You can find tonnes on tutorials on how to do this on Youtube. You can also use Inkscpae to trace photos. (Just don’t sell this quiet book as it would be a copyright infringement).

The best part about Inkscape is that it creates vector images which means whatever you create in there will be scalable … you can blow it up as big or small as you like and it will not lose its pixel quality. These vector files can also be used on electronic cutting machines for example the Brother Scan n Cut or Silhouette Cameo etc, so you can use them in many different ways. More on this soon!

Free quiet book patterns: finding inspiration on the internet for personal use

The internet can be your best source for finding quiet book patterns as long as you are only using the images you find for personal use. So if you are making a quiet book as a gift for a little one, Google images can offer you every image you could ever need and more.

Google images can give you all the quiet book pattern inspiration you need for your next quiet book

For example if you want to make a quiet book for a toddler with a letter G page, you could search for “G is for” and Google would churn out a mind-boggling array of images. Say you particularly like the cute giraffe in the image there; you could simply use it for your quiet book. As long as you are not selling anything using someone else’s images, it’s all good. So before you think about buying patterns, try Googling the images you need. You are sure to find inspiration for pretty much every quiet book pattern you need there.

Buying quiet book patterns

If you have tried all the different ideas and still feel you have nothing satisfactory or inspiring enough to move forward, you can purchase quiet book patterns online, for example through Etsy. You will need a computer and a printer to print these out and then you will have to cut them to use as templates.

The next steps in how to make a quiet book

Now that you have all your quiet book patterns in hand, it is time to cut them out. You can read all about cutting quiet book patterns here.

You can see a quick overview of all the stages involved in making a quiet book here.

You can also read about how to make a quiet book here.

Now go ahead and get a hold of your final quiet book patterns. Happy crafting!

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