Quiet book mouse and cheese page
Quiet book mouse and cheese page

This quiet book mouse and cheese page is part of a personalised quiet book that I have been making for a friend’s little boy. His name is Sameer and I am making a quiet book for him with a page for each letter of his name. You can find links to how I made each of these pages at the end of this post. Here, I’m going to share with you how I finished making the quiet book mouse and cheese page for the letter M.

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To make the quiet book mouse and cheese page, first you need to print off my free quiet book mouse pattern here. Now follow the instructions in this post to learn all about how to use this quiet book mouse pattern. You will also need to create the felt letter M and you can learn how to do this here. Now let me show you how I created the cheese and finished creating this adorable quiet book mouse and cheese page.

Measuring the quiet book mouse

I started by measuring the space between the mouse’s arms because this is where the cheese would go. As you can see in the images, this was a space measuring roughly 4.5cm x 4cm.

Creating a rough cheese sketch

quiet book cheese sketch
Make a rough sketch of the kind of cheese you like

I had a rough idea of the kind of cheese I wanted my little mouse to hold. I made a very loose sketch of it to give me an idea of the kind of quiet book cheese pattern I needed. It seems a bit like a slice of pie doesn’t it?

Making the quiet book cheese pattern

Now I created a very simple quiet book pattern by folding a piece of paper in half and marking a dot along the fold line. I then opened a compass to a radius of around 4.5cm and made a narrow arc.

Quiet book cheese pattern
Quiet book cheese pattern – the curve is roughly 4cm long

Next, I used a ruler to roughly guesstimate that the arc’s curve is around 2cm (which is half of our original 4cm width needed for the cheese).  I marked this off and drew a straight line to the centre of the arc. I cut out this half-arc with a pair of scissors and unfolded the paper. Voila, the quiet book cheese pattern was ready.

Let Mousey hold the cheese pattern so you know it’s just the right size

To make sure that it is the right size, I placed the actual pattern where I wanted it on the mouse. And sure enough, the size was perfect as you can see.

Cutting felt using the quiet book cheese pattern

If you have read my earlier post about how to create and cut quiet book patterns, you will know that for cutting smaller shapes, I prefer to stick the pattern directly on to the felt. It’s just quick, cheap and easy. So that’s exactly what I did here.

I used clear cellotape to stick the cheese pattern on to a piece of stiffened yellow felt. Then I used ordinary craft scissors to cut it out.

(Now if you don’t know how to stiffen felt, watch my video of how I do this very quickly and cheaply here. Or you can read my detailed post about it here.)

Assembling the quiet book cheese ‘sandwich’

Make a quiet book cheese ‘sandwich’

Next, it was time to make the quiet book cheese sandwich … yes, really! I wanted the cheese to have some thickness as well as a spongy texture. So I used a piece of ordinary craft foam, the kind you find at all budget stores. I sandwiched this between two pieces of stiffened felt. The top piece was the one I already cut out using the cheese pattern. And the bottom piece was just a slightly larger piece of stiffened yellow felt.

Sewing the quiet book cheese sandwich

Sew all around the cheese sandwich

I took this triple layered block to my sewing machine and did a simple straight stitch all around. Remember to keep your thread tension a bit looser than usual to allow the stitches to catch all the three layers you are sewing. I knotted the thread ends and buried them under the felt before snipping off the excess thread.

Decorating the cheese

The cheese needed some authentic-looking circles. To do this, I first used a fine-tipped pen to lightly mark out where I wanted the circles. Now, using a straight stitch again, I carefully sewed over these marked lines twice around.

I knotted and buried all the thread ends before snipping off the extra lengths.

Trimming the quiet book cheese

Finally, I used a pair of sharp craft scissors to trim away the extra fabric and foam all around to reveal the final quiet book cheese. It turned out beautifully didn’t it? I am so happy with the end result!

Finishing off the quiet book mouse and cheese page by attaching the felt letter M

The last thing to complete the page was to sew on the Velcro for the letter M. To do this, I first placed the letter M where I wanted it on the page. (If you want to learn how I made this felt letter, check out this detailed post). Next, I marked the centre of this position with a small pencil X.

Finally, I sewed on a 2cm x 2cm piece of fuzzy Velcro/loop tape. Once again, I carefully passed all threads to the back before knotting and trimming them.

And that’s it! My quiet book mouse and cheese page was done! The mouse can hug his piece of favourite cheese with his cute little arms. And no, the cheese doesn’t fall off either!

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To learn more about how to make a quiet book, take a look at this post and follow the links within. Happy crafting!