Are you thinking about making a quiet book this year? Or are you just curious about what it takes to make a really good quiet book that you can be proud of and actually gift to somebody or to your own child? Well you have come to the right place. Read on to learn all about what quiet book materials you need for your next project and which materials can be valuable optional extras in your craft space. Let’s go ahead and dive in!

1.     Make quiet book pages with cotton fabric and poly cotton

cotton fabric
Cotton fabric

Every quiet book is made up of fabric pages. It could be a single piece of fabric, or a patch work of two or more pieces. Whichever way you choose to conduct your quiet book construction, you will be best off using cotton fabric or polycotton. These fabrics are cheap and easy to come by. They also wash and iron easily and have cute prints that are perfect for making quiet books. If you want to purchase your fabric online, Ebay is a great place to look for children’s cotton fabric prints.

2.     Stabilize quiet book pages with heavy fusible interfacing

Quiet book fusible interfacing
Fusible interfacing

Every quiet book page needs to be strengthened to support all the ideas and activities you will be putting on it. And this is where fusible interfacing comes in. Interfacing fabric is a sheet of stiff non-woven fabric with a thin layer of heat-activated glue on one side. When you press the fusible interfacing on the wrong side of any fabric and give it a shot of heat with an iron, the glue melts and sticks or ‘fuses’ the interfacing to the fabric. In this way, the quiet book fabric gets an extra layer of support and stability.

The stiffness of fusible interfacing can vary depending upon its thickness

For example fusible interfacing could be light, medium, heavy or extra heavy weight. Once again, Ebay is an excellent place to look into your purchase options. Remember to buy at least a heavy weight fusible interfacing for the best results.

If you want to jump ahead, you can read all about how to make quiet book pages stiff using fusible interfacing here.

3.     Support quiet book pages with quilt batting or wadding

Quiet book quilt batting
Quilt batting

Quilt batting is a thin layer of puffy stuffing material – the kind that is inside quilts. A great quiet book will have quilt batting or batting fabric to further support its pages. So how does this work? Well for every two quiet book pages that you make, you will make a quilt battingsandwich’. For example you have a page with ‘letter A’ and when you turn it over, the next page is ‘letter B’. These two pages are not just stuck and sewn together back-to-back. Rather, they form a sandwich with a layer of quilt batting in between. The batting fabric gives this quiet book ‘leaf’ or ‘sandwich’ structure, support and body.

So where should you look to buy quilt batting or batting fabric? Again Ebay is your best friend. Alternatively, try any haberdashery or sewing shops and you should be able to find huge rolls of the stuff. You can usually purchase quilt batting in lengths of ½ metre, 1 metre or more.

Batting fabric also goes by the name of ‘wadding’. It also comes as cotton batting or polyester batting. Experience in making quiet books shows that polyester quilt batting is better for making quiet books. More on this coming soon.

4.     Make quiet book parts and activities with wool felt fabric

Wool felt fabric for making quiet books
Wool felt fabric

You must have surely seen a hundred and ten quiet book ideas by now. You know that at some point you will need felt fabric to make your quiet book. You can read all about wool felt fabric here. But for now, remember two things: firstly, a little bit of pure wool in the felt fabric composition is better than having no wool at all. So for example 5% wool felt fabric (meaning it has 5% pure wool fibres and 95% polyester fibres) will be better than 100% polyester fabric.

Secondly, it is always better to get larger pieces of wool felt sheets rather than those tiny craft squares that are sold in multi-coloured sets. The reason being that when you stiffen felt – and you will to make an excellent quiet book – the felt fabric shrinks dramatically. Larger wool felt sheets or felt by the yard is better able to handle shrinkage and produces less waste.

So overall you get to save more money by purchasing larger pieces of wool felt fabric. With this information in hand, go ahead and scour Ebay once again. You will now make a more informed decision regarding your wool felt fabric purchase.

5.     Bring your quiet book ideas to life with textured fabric

Textured fabric for making quiet books
Textured fabric

Look back at your original quiet book ideas. Is there a tree in there? A shiny letter box perhaps? A fuzzy chick or a scaly dinosaur egg? You can breathe new life into any or all of these quiet book ideas by thinking outside the box. In other words, you can look at what different or unique materials you can use for all these quiet book elements.

Your quiet book doesn’t just have to be a ‘felt book’. A shiny letter box could be made out of metallic faux leather. A fuzzy chick could be made with a piece of plush cuddle fabric. A tree’s bark could be created out of brown leatherette and so on.

So look back at your original quiet book ideas and make a list of what special textured fabrics you can use to give that unique punch to your quiet book. And again, Ebay is a great starting point to look into what’s available out there.

6.     Anchor quiet book parts with fusible web or Wonder Under

Fusible web or Wonder Under to stick parts of a quiet book
Fusible web or Wonder Under

If you have ever looked into applique before, you will be familiar with fusible web, which also often goes by the name of Wonder Under. So what is fusible web or Wonder Under? Essentially it is a thin layer of heat activated glue (similar to that used on fusible interfacing). It is used to stick one fabric piece on to another one before sewing the two fabrics together.

When you are making a quiet book, you will have loads of little quiet book pieces that will have to be sewn on to the page itself. There will also be many instances when you will sandwich and sew two pieces of fabric together back-to-back. For all these purposes, you will need fusible web or Wonder Under to give you a crisp, clean finish and confidence in your quiet book construction.

The instructions to use fusible web come with every pack itself. As a crafter, Ebay again comes up as your best friend for sourcing such quiet book materials online. Any length of fusible web or Wonder Under you purchase will come as a large sheet of paper folded up inside a large envelope. When you store it, make sure you label it and store it in a cool dry place to stop the glue from activating accidentally.  

7.     Anchor smaller quiet book pieces with fabric glue

Fabric glue to stick smaller quiet book pieces
Fabric glue

You will need fabric glue to anchor small fiddly quiet book pieces before sewing. In such situations, fusible web can be tricky or even impossible to use. Fabric glue helps overcome this hurdle by allowing you to put tiny quantities of adhesive precisely where it is needed on the small pieces of fabric.

The best fabric glue is cheap and easily available in most hobby stores. If you cannot find fabric glue, regular tacky glue works just fine as well. Just remember to put only tiny dots of this fabric glue where you need them. If you put too much, it can seep through the fabric and leave an unsightly stain.

8.     Construct your quiet book with these essential haberdashery supplies

The best thing about quiet books for toddlers is that you get to experiment with so many different sewing techniques and supplies. Depending upon your quiet book ideas, you will need an array of haberdashery supplies for your quiet book construction. Here we look at a few essentials that you can easily acquire as your haberdashery online purchases.

Cheap ribbons

Cheap ribbons to use within quiet book pages
Cheap ribbons

Use cheap ribbons for all kinds of trims and details such as making hair, a lion’s mane, sun rays, grass, hanging loops etc.

Eyelet kit

An eyelet kit helps your add attractive eyelets inside your quiet book
Eyelet kit

An eyelet kit includes a hole punch, an eyelet press and an array of eyelets. You will use an eyelet kit for making secure and child-friendly holes where needed in your quiet book construction. There are different types of eyelet kits available on the market. Do some research and read reviews before purchasing your favourite one. It is fun to play with, once you get the hang of it.

Velcro or Hook and loop material

Velcro or hook and loop for removable parts inside a quiet book
Velcro or hook and loop

You will use Velcro or hook and loop material for creating removable parts that can be stuck back again inside the quiet book. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Don’t buy sticky-backed Velcro dots or patches as they will gum up your sewing machine’s needle really badly. Instead, buy the simple hook and loop tape which you can cut to size and sew on. For the occasional large-area hook and loop quiet book pages, you can purchase entire sheets of Velcro on a roll. Start with Ebay to get an idea of the prices.

Coloured string or rattail cord or waxed cotton cord

Rattail cord or coloured string to use in a quiet book
Rattail cord or coloured string

Coloured string, rattail cord or waxed cotton cord comes in a variety of colours and thickness. You will need this in all instances where there is the need for a string or a cord in your quiet book construction. For example for stringing counting beads, for sliding things along a path, for weaving activities etc.

There is a mind-boggling array of coloured string, rattail cord and waxed cotton cord online. It is best to first look at your quiet book ideas and patterns to decide what colour and thickness you need. When you purchase the coloured string, always order at least a metre length longer than you require to allow for mistakes and wastage.

Craft beads

Craft beads are used extensively in quiet books
craft beads

Your quiet book will require an assortment of craft beads, depending upon your quiet book patterns. You could use wooden beads or plastic, although wooden beads are more environmentally sustainable. It helps to purchase an assortment of child-friendly craft beads before you start. Ebay is a great place to buy these cheaply according to design and weight.

Sewing buttons

Your quiet book will require a variety of sewing buttons, depending upon your quiet book ideas and patterns. Here we divide them into two broad types of buttons to keep things simple.

Snap fasteners

Snap fasteners - KAM snaps for use in quiet books
Snap fasteners – KAM snaps

All snap fasteners, snap buttons or press studs have two parts that snap together to pull two pieces of fabric together. You can get no-sew snap fasteners that require installation via a snap fastener kit for example the KAM snaps kit. They can also be sew-on snaps that require using a needle and a thread. Depending upon your quiet book patterns, you can choose what kind of snap fasteners you want to use in your quiet book.

Flat buttons

There will be plenty of uses for flat buttons in your quiet book
Flat buttons

Pretty much all flat buttons require a buttonhole or a loop which they need to slide through to secure two pieces of fabric together. Flat sewing buttons is just a broad category; there are a number of different types of buttons in here that require buttonholes. You could also choose to use fancy buttons or wooden buttons for your quiet book.

If using fancy buttons as accents to finish off your quiet book construction, it helps to purchase a mixed assortment of sewing buttons so that you have a variety to work from.

Sewing thread

Of course your entire quiet book will be constructed using sewing thread. Most of the quiet book construction will be on your sewing machine. But there will be occasions when you have to hand sew some bits. You might also need to do some detailing using embroidery if you so wish. For these reasons, you will need a good assortment of thread.

Sewing thread

Sewing thread
Sewing thread

High quality sewing thread, such as Guterman thread, is worth its weight in gold, both for your sewing machine as well as for hand sewing the quiet book. Don’t be swayed by super-cheap sewing thread because it will give you a lot of headache once you start your quiet book project. Cheap, weak, bobbly sewing thread will keep jamming your sewing machine and slowing you down at every step of your quiet book construction. So try to purchase the highest quality sewing thread you can afford.

It also helps to have a fat reel of invisible thread for use on quiet book pages that have a wide variety of different colours. Invisible thread will keep you from changing your thread frequently, thus saving you time and effort.

Embroidery thread

Embroidery thread
Embroidery thread

Sometimes hand embroidery works brilliantly in giving details to quiet book pages; for example making a doll’s eyes or a rabbit’s whiskers. Keep an assortment of basic embroidery thread colours in your sewing kit to use when needed in your quiet book construction.

9.     Polish your quiet book with fine details using heat transfer vinyl for a professional finish

heat transfer vinyl
heat transfer vinyl

Although people across the world have been making quiet books for a while, this website is dedicated to help you create beautiful, professional looking quiet books at home. For this reason, heat transfer vinyl also sometimes called HTV vinyl, is a highly recommended component among quiet book materials. You can read all about heat transfer vinyl at this link. To start with, just one or two sheets of black HTV vinyl should be enough to get you started. You can purchase these easily from many different suppliers online.

10.Specialist quiet book materials

Special quiet book materials
Special quiet book materials

Depending upon your quiet book ideas and patterns, sometimes you might need special quiet book materials that you might only use within one quiet book. For example a small piece of acrylic mirror, may be to use on the letter ‘M’ page. You might need lengths of elastic string for various activities. Or you might require magnets to create a fishing game. Whatever it is that you need, be sure to carefully peruse your quiet book patterns and purchase these items well before you get started on your quiet book construction.

Optional extras

Since the whole premise of this website is to help you create high quality, professional looking quiet books, it helps to be aware of the following optional extra craft supplies. These are pricey items though so proceed with caution. You can manage without them too, but if you had them in your craft room, your job would get a lot more fun.

Heat press machine

heat press machine
heat press machine

A heat press machine helps you to seamlessly press your heat transfer vinyl design on to any fabric of choice. You can do the same using an ordinary domestic iron. But using a heat press machine removes the guesswork out of the process and produces flawless results every time. You can learn all about heat presses here.

Manual die cutting machine

Manual diecutting machine
Manual diecutting machine

A manual die cutting machine is rather like an old-fashioned pasta roller. It comes with an array of different components and requires cutting dies to cut out precise designs on paper and fabric. Cutting dies are kind of like special cookie cutters for paper and fabric. If you have the cutting dies, you can use a manual die cutting machine to quickly and easily cut out relevant shapes, letters and numbers out of fabric. However the price of all these little bits can quickly add up so proceed with caution. The upside is that you get quick and flawless cutting results every time.

Electronic die cutting machine

electronic die cutting machine
electronic die cutting machine

An electronic die cutting machine uses a built-in computer to cut out precise designs on a variety of different materials. You can also create and use designs created on a standard computer with these die cutting machines.

But there are two downsides to using an electronic die cutter: firstly, these machines are pricey and their add-on components are also expensive. Secondly, their results on cutting fabric are often less than perfect and rather faffy to achieve. (Although a large number of these manufacturers claim to produce specialist fabric cutting machines.)

However where electronic die cutting machines come into their own is in cutting heat transfer vinyl. These machines were originally designed to cut HTV vinyl quickly and easily, and this they deliver admirably. In fact, an electronic die cutting machine will cut out all the HTV designs, letters, numbers and text you want within minutes. When you press this HTV vinyl on to fabric using a heat press machine, you will get flawless results every time.

So if you have the budget and the desire to get all the gear for making a beautiful quiet book, this is a potential route to explore.You don’t have to purchase a brand new electronic die cutting machine though; Ebay auctions are a great place to buy from.


So there you have it: a comprehensive list of all the quiet book materials you need to make a beautiful quiet book in 2019!

You can take a quick look at all the different steps of how to make a quiet book here.

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Happy crafting!