How to make a quiet book

In this section you will find everything you need to get started on making your next quiet book. In brief, this section is split up into five main stages. Read below for a brief overview of what steps are there in each stage. Follow the links for a detailed look at all the steps within. You will be on your way to making your own quiet book to be proud of in no time!

Plan your quiet book

At this stage, you will search for quiet book ideas through various resources. You will then filter and finalize these quiet book ideas to your favourite ones. Finally, you will make a rough draft of your quiet book on paper. Nothing heavy! … click here to learn about how to plan a quiet book in more detail.

Create or download quiet book patterns

After planning the quiet book, you will now create or download and print templates and quiet book patterns for your project. You will cut out these paper templates while thinking about the materials you will need to create each part of the quiet book. You can read all about creating quiet book patterns here.

You will then create a list of materials you need for your quiet book and buy/ order these materials. You can learn every little thing about all the quiet book materials you need here.

To learn all about cutting quiet book patterns like a pro, read this post.

Cut out all the pieces for the quiet book

This stage is all about cutting the materials you purchased or collected in the last stage. You will use a simple cardboard template to cut sheets of interfacing. You will iron on this interfacing on your quiet book page fabrics and then cut the background fabric out. You can read all about this process of how to make quiet book pages stiff here.

You will also prepare felt (stiffen, dry, iron flat) before cutting it out. You can read all about how to stiffen felt and the best fabric stiffener to do the job by clicking here.

Next, you will fussy cut the fabric and stiffened felt using your paper templates. If you can, you will also try die cutting felt and fabric wherever possible.  You will also use iron-on adhesive such as heat n bond where needed. You can read more about cutting quiet book materials here.

If you are using heat transfer vinyl – HTV —  in your quiet book (which is highly recommended for crisp, professional results), you will fussy cut this using scissors or an electronic cutter. You can learn all about HTV and how to cut heat transfer vinyl here.

Finally you will determine which HTV parts of the quiet book need to be pressed before sewing. You will heat press these bits.

Sew all the quiet book pieces together

Once you have cut everything out for your quiet book, you will start sewing each page separately. This is perhaps the longest stage of making a quiet book and also the most challenging. But stick with it and you will make real progress even on the first day.

You will determine which HTV parts of the quiet book need to be pressed after sewing. You will heat press these bits. You will also hand or machine sew trims like buttons, beads and eyelets, taking care to secure everything thoroughly and using age-appropriate trims which are safe for the child.

After preparing the front of every quite book page, you will cut polyester batting or quilt batting of the appropriate size. You will make page ‘sandwiches’ and hand sew the wadding between the quiet book pages.

You will now calculate the length of fabric needed to create the quiet book page borders and prepare fabric for this. You will prepare the inner and outer spines of the quiet book and start sewing the inner spine. You will finish off the first and last leaves of the quiet book and then sew on the outer spine. Finally, you will trim off all excess threads. More on all these steps coming soon!

Finish the quiet book

In the final stage of making your quiet book, you will make sure you give it a good finish by pressing all the edges and trims and running a lint roller over to tidy it up. You can have a quick overview of all these stages of the quiet book here.

You can also see how to make felt letters for your quiet book here.

Happy crafting!

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